Wednesday, December 18, 2013

the story of my christmas tree

i'm very particular about my christmas tree.  and by particular, i mean i don't allow anything on it that doesn't match the rest of the decor.  oh and my wrapping paper has to match...
call me snobbish all you want, but that's just how i am.  i catch alot of slack about this each year. 
i get the typical, "your tree is too perfect" or "things will change when you have kids".  why can't people just say, wow your tree is gorgeous and get on with it?  i don't have any homemade ornaments from my childhood hanging on my tree, and yes everything matches perfectly.  what many people don't realize though is that my tree actually does have sentimental value to it, and it's not all perfect.

1. let's start with the actual tree.  this tree was passed down to me from my mom.  it's actually pretty old.  ok, ok so it's only like 15 years old, but in artificial tree years, that's alot.  and it leans a little to the right!  oh my!

2. and guess what!  there is a whole strand of lights that don't work.  that's right, you heard me... they don't work.  so each year, i have to space ornaments accordingly so they hide the missing strand of lights.

3. most of the ornaments are very fragile glass ornaments that were also passed down to me from my mom.  and the paint is chipping on quite a few of them.

4. a few of the ornaments, and the white poinsettias were actually split between my mom and i.  she has some, and i have some, so each year our trees have similar decor.

5. i have a few glass ornaments that were hand painted by a dear friend of mine, and she even put a leopard print bow on top of them to match my tree :)

6. there are very few things i'm good at, and i'm not very crafty, but when it comes to tree decorating, i feel like i rock it!  it's one of the few traits i got from my mom.

so see my tree does have some sentimental value.  it's a little bit of my mom, my childhood, my friends, and me.  and when kids come along, things may be different, but that will be up to me.  my christmas tree is just that, mine.  and if i like it that's all that matters :)

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