Tuesday, November 25, 2014

when you realize the job isn't for you

friday, november 28th...

that's the day.  the last day of being a newspaper sales rep.  some of you may be wondering "what? when did you become a newspaper sales rep?" um about 3 months ago, which makes this job the shortest career i've ever had.

let me tell you how this all got started...

i previously worked as a customer relations manager at our local chevy dealership, and i loved it!  i loved the people i worked with, and my boss was amazing.  but the money wasn't the best.  so i decided to start looking elsewhere.  a friend of mine was a sales rep for a local newspaper and was in the process of moving.  so after a couple glasses of wine, and a plate of nachos later, her job sounded like the best thing since sliced bread.  "the freedom, oh the freedom" she said.  and the money didn't sound half bad either.  so i decided that i would talk to the publisher.

a few weeks later i was driving to my very first day as a newspaper sales rep.  to say that i was nervous was an understatement.  i hadn't sold a damn thing in my entire life, and now i was going to be selling newspaper ads.  something that most people don't want to buy.  what was i thinking?  i wasn't.

fast forward to a few months down the road...

so everything that i did to make myself look decent on a daily basis all went out the window.  i just didn't have time.  shaving my legs was not at the top of my priority list, and to this day i still have the same polish on my toes that i did before i went to mexico (that was 2 months ago).

so needless to say, i was stressed to the max.  i slept all the time, and when i was awake i wobbled around like a character on the walking dead.  i was also starting to despise my car.  being in your car all day every day gets to be a bit much.  i had to do something and quick.

for those of you that don't know, i'm not a quitter.  i hate quitting anything.  i feel lousy!  and the feeling of letting people down just sucks!  i kept thinking to myself, "just hang in there" but it just kept getting worse.  so i decided to do the unthinkable.  i quit...

i pulled my boss upstairs to the conference room and started bawling.  i'm talking big, BIG tears!  i was a complete mess.  he knew right away how unhappy i was.

i gave him 3 weeks.  and as soon as i walked out of the office, i felt like the weight of the world had been lifted.

never in my life did i ever think that i would be so unhappy at a job.  but in hindsight i'm glad i tried it out for that short period.  i learned quite a bit.  i now have a whole new respect for newspapers. i've met some pretty amazing people along the way, and i think i can say that i've toughened up a little ;)

so all in all, this definitely was a life changing experience.  i will be taking a week off next week, and then i start my new position as a receptionist on december 8th.  i will be working at an ear nose and throat doctor.  it will be less hours, which will leave time to assist my husband in his business when needed.

so a little word of advice for anyone who feels like their in limbo land with their job situation.  it's way more important to be happy, than it is to make money.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

life changes

wow has it really been almost 5 months since i've written on my blog?
i'm ashamed :(

there have been a ton of changes lately.  i've changed jobs, not only to a different business but also to a different town.  i started working for the local newspaper in the next town over. it's been a crazy, stressful, and hectic change, which is why at the end of this month i have decided to move on to something different. i don't know where God will decide to take me next, but i'm willing to go wherever he might lead me.

i'm hoping to start writing again.  i've missed the blogging world and all of the amazing women i met through my blogging journey.  i hope all of my followers are doing great, and i look forward to catching up with everyone.

Friday, June 20, 2014

my thoughts on modesty

i don't know about you, but since warm weather has decided to show up, i keep seeing more and more posts on social media about modesty...

you know what i'm talking about.  the posts that ramble about women respecting their bodies, and how we as women should be wearing one piece bathing suits instead of cute skimpy bikinis, or my personal favorite, which is one i read recently, is about a wife who wants women to stop wearing clothing and bikinis that show cleavage or perfect cellulite free legs because she's afraid her husband will want to look...  and they all end by saying, i'm not judging anybody, and it's clearly not your fault, i just think you should stop wearing clothes and bathing suits that show anything at all.  but seriously, i'm not judging you!  um yeah i think you just did!

i'm all for women respecting their bodies, your body is a temple, and was created in the amazing image of God, but it's not my job to tell other women how to dress.  it's your job to decide what you wear and what you shouldn't wear.  there is a time and a place for certain attire.  i'm not going to wear a short dress with my cleavage showing to my office.  it's disrespectful to the people around me and to our customers.  it's unprofessional, however, if my husband and i are going out on the town for the night, you better believe i'm going to wear something i feel sexy and confident in, and if that means showing off a little cleavage and wearing a skirt that comes above my knees, so be it!  my body my rules!

i talked to my husband regarding this issue, and his response was that he enjoyed seeing me wear things like that when we go out.  truth is i enjoy wearing things like that.  i feel confident and sexy!  i don't think i should feel ashamed of that at all.  there's nothing wrong with a woman feeling sexy for her husband.  it keeps things interesting ;-)

now if you're worried about your husband getting certain thoughts in his head because a woman is wearing a skirt that comes above her knees, or a shirt that shows a little cleavage, i think you need to gain a little more confidence in yourself.  newsflash, men are going to look, hell even women are going to look.  we're human!  it's what we do.  i know my husband looks at other women, does that mean i have to nag him and tell him to stop, no!  i understand he's human and he's not perfect.  i also trust my husband!  and i know that he would never break that trust.

i believe that if you have confidence in your marriage and in yourself, seeing a woman wearing something a little revealing shouldn't bother you.  i see women like that and applaud them.  their confident and that's awesome!  i also believe that some women can go a little overboard.  there is such a thing as showing too much, and i'm sure you know what i'm talking about.  but again, it's not my place to judge them.  and it's certainly not my place to tell them to cover up because i'm afraid my husband will look...

i guess what i'm trying to say is use good judgement.  as adults we should know what's appropriate and what's not.  respect yourself, and your body, but most importantly be confident in yourself and your marriage!  and if you want to show off a little leg, go for it!  you're a woman and you can do what you want! 

Friday, June 13, 2014

introduction to essential oils

i was recently introduced to the young living essential oils, and i have to admit that i've become pretty addicted.  if you haven't heard of these amazing oils, i suggest you start doing some research.

i came down with a head cold this week, and instead of heading to the local drug store to load up on meds, i turned to my good friend stephanie who swears by these. 

i had been thinking about these for a while, and figured now would be better than ever to just try them.  so that's just what i did.  she gave me a bottle of thieves, peppermint, and lemon oil.

that night i filled a big pot with warm water, olive oil, and thieves oil, and soaked my feet in it for about 30 minutes.  i also mixed peppermint oil with coconut oil and rubbed that on my throat.  i woke up the next morning with my sore throat completely gone, and i could breathe easier!  and i didn't even have to take over the counter medicine.  after that i was hooked!  i told stephanie that i needed more of this amazing magic oil, so she put together a box for me with lavender, lemon, stress away, and many others!  i now use virgin coconut oil and lavender oil for my nightly face cream, and for my daily face cream i use lemon oil with the coconut oil.  just in a matter of 3 days i've seen a HUGE difference in my skin, and not to mention i'm sleeping better as well.  here is a list on some of the oils i have and what they can be used for.

. use 2-3 drops in a spray bottle of water to cleanse and disinfect.
. mix with a carrier oil such as coconut or olive oil and use as a daily moisturizer.
. use it to marinate chicken or fish.
. mix 1 drop of lemon oil with half a teaspoon of raw sugar and a teaspoon of coconut oil to make an energizing face scrub.
. rub a drop of lemon oil on your hands for a quick sanitizer.
. put 1-2 drops in your glass of water.

. mix 1-2 drops with a carrier oil (coconut or olive oil) and use as a nightly moisturizer.
. mix 2-3 drops into a spray bottle of water to use as a room re-freshener.
. run a drop on the back of your neck to use as a sleep aid.
. place a drop on the tip of your tongue to reduce nausea
. help reduce the swelling of a cold sore by place a drop onto the affected area.
. mix it with butter to make an amazing tasting spread.
. helps with acne! (major plus for me)

stress away
. i put this on my temples, behind my ears, and on my wrist to help with anxiety.

. inhale to improve your mood
. disinfect cuts or scrapes
. place a drop onto a bug bite to help the itch.
. place a drop on a difficult pimple to reduce the swelling.
. apply 1-2 drops onto the lower back to help relieve pain during labor!

. place 1-2 drops onto open wounds to prevent infection
. mix 2 drops with a carrier oil and rub on chest to help with the common cold.
. put a couple drops directly on the soles of your feet to help prevent cold and flu.
. diffuse in your home to help kill mold and keep the germ count down.
. apply orally to help maintain healthy teeth

. use to calm an upset stomach
. put a drop onto your temples to help with a headache
. mix with water to use as a mouth wash.
. mix 1-2 drops with coconut oil for a chest rub when you are having respiratory issues.
. put a drop in your hot tea.
. put 2-3 drops in a warm bath to help you relax.
. use in a carrier oil and rub on achy muscles.

i could go on and on about these oils.  truth is, they're magic!  no really they are.  i can testify to this.  if you have any questions please feel free to email me bowen106@gmail.com :)

Thursday, June 12, 2014

switching gears

2 months ago i never would have dreamed of posting a photo of myself without make up.  but i'm proud to say that i am now acne free!  i've gone from hating the way i look to embracing my inner beauty and loving every second of it...

so what am i doing different you ask?

well for starters i've changed the way i live.  which brings me to my next announcement.  i'm switching gears on you guys :)

i've struggled for a few months now trying to figure out what direction i wanted my blog to go in.  i was having trouble trying to come up with things to write about.  i would get an idea, and then realize i've written about it before.  i even thought about deleting my blog.  but i decided to keep it going and just go in a different direction.

i've come to realize that my calling is helping people better themselves.  whether it be helping them lose a few inches by putting a wrap on them, educating them about the food their eating, or lifting their spirits with a simple encouraging bible verse.  a dear friend of mine moved up here in january and was having a hard time dealing with her recent separation.  she needed some guidance, a good friend, and some encouragement.  that's where i came in.  a year ago i didn't even know this girl, and now i consider her to be one of my best friends.  we've cried together, laughed together and we've been each others shoulder to cry on.  i realized that all she needed was someone not to give up on her.  she's come a long way since january!  she's happy, and getting healthier by the second.  she is a big reason why i've decided to focus on this type of living.

so i want to help my readers feel better about themselves, teach them how to live a healthier lifestyle, and to let them know that they are all strong beautiful women!

2 months ago you never would have seen me post a picture like the one above, but i've changed my eating habits, chosen natural products instead of artificial ones, and focused more on my happiness and well being.  all of those have led to my acne free skin!  which is another reason why i'm so excited to share this journey with you guys :)

so stay tuned to my ol' blog, because it's about to get exciting!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

who wants to join me??

this is the perfect opportunity to join this amazing company!
if you've been wanting to make a little extra money on the side, join my team! my first month as an independent distributor i made a little over $800! 

the products are great! the money's great! what are you waiting for? 
contact me today!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

there's always a first for everything

hey guys! linking up today with some of my favorites ladies today for a fun little linkup!
i saw this and immediately knew i had to join in on the fun :)

Helene in Between

first blog post

oh goodness here we go...

it seems like blogging is the it thing to do these days so i thought i would join in the fun! i have wanted to start blogging for quite some time now, so the fact that i have actually sat down and finally created my blog is a huge step.

me and the future hubster 
that was way back in 2011 lol. even before we were married!

my first instagram picture

first time dancing on a bar

so there ya have it, a few of my firsts.
happy thursday!! :)

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

why i love my new business

so i know that i've been posting a ton about my new business, but it's only because i'm so exited about it and i truly, truly love the products!  i've never been one to get caught up in direct selling.  i'll throw a party every now and then to help support my friends businesses, but when it came down to me actually selling, i was never really interested.  until i heard about it works! global.
i started hearing about these "wrap" things about a year ago, and noticed my friend started selling them.  well of course she got ahold of me and begged me to try the products and to become an independent distributor.  i was hesitant at first and wanted to do some research for myself.  so i did.  i researched and researched.  i looked up the ingredients, and researched those!  i wanted to see for myself what this product was all about.  so then i decided to take the dive and try a wrap.

and 2 hours later this is what i had...

a whopping 2 1/2 inches lost!  what?!? ok so i was still a little skeptical.
and then i woke up the next morning to this...

so i sent my friend a text that morning and told her i was going to throw a wrap party.
so i started doing more research, and looked up some of the supplements and read success stories.  i prayed, i looked up more before and after pictures and started to think that i could possibly do this.  
so right before my wrap party i made the decision to become an independent distributor.
i've been in it a week 1/2 and i've made enough for 3 credit card payments!
and that's just in selling wraps.
people are actually coming to me to buy this product!
it's crazy!  i never though i would be this excited about something, but i've seen the product work, and i've seen the look on people's faces when they hear they lost 3 inches!  it's a great feeling.
i'm excited to see what this business has in store for me in the future!

so today i would like to invite anyone who is motivated and who wants to make a little extra money on the side to join my team.

it's only $99 to sign as a distributor!
join today and change your life! 
trust me you won't regret it :)

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

our much needed weekend away

the past few weeks have been overly crazy in our household.
we're both so busy at work, and we've had family gatherings and birthdays to attend, so we figured we needed a night with just the two of us.  so we headed over to gatlinburg, tennessee to spend some hubby and wife time.

and of course we had to bring our little munchkin :)

we has such a blast.  we rented a cute little condo right above the strip.  it was an easy walk down to all of the shops and restaurants.

our first stop was to the ol' smoky moonshine distillery where we got to try way too much moonshine...

it was a fun experience!  the employees are hilarious and really know their alcohol lol!
that night we decided to have dinner at our favorite restaurant, the meting pot.

after dinner we found a little pub where we had a few drinks and listened to people sing karaoke.
it was a short but sweet getaway, and even though we didn't do much of anything fancy, i wouldn't have it any other way!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

go natural

my husband and i have been trying this whole go natural thing and i'm loving it!
i have more energy, i'm sleeping better, and my face has never been clearer!

going natural isn't easy though, and unfortunately it's a bit pricier than the alternative.  but there are baby steps you can take to help jumpstart your natural way of living.
i've listed a few of them below

throw out all of your sunscreen
yes you heard me right.  throw it away!
i recently heard through the grapevine that sunscreen is not good for you.  so of course i had to do some research, and what i found out was shocking!
according to the environmental working group, 75% of commercial sunscreens contain toxic chemicals that are linked to cancer and hormonal imbalances.
use coconut oil instead!
our bodies need sun, and the sun is the optimal way to absorb vitamin d.  most commercial sunscreens block the uvb rays that are necessary for our bodies to produce their own cancer protective vitamin d.
coconut oil has a natural spf of 4-10 depending on which type you get.
you can also make you own sunscreen by using different oils with spf in them as well.
below is a list of foods and oils with spf.

and did you know that the reason you burn is because your body is more than likely lacking some type of nutrient?  it's true!  i can go on and on about this, but i'm pretty sure you get the point.
there are so many foods that you can eat that will help prevent sunburn and help our bodies absorb the correct amount of essential vitamin d.

read your labels
just because something says all natural doesn't mean it is.

some companies label their products all natural which is in fact not true.  the FDA has not yet developed a legal definition for “natural” as it appears on food labels, which leaves companies and marketers to make up their own definitions.
check this out from the wall street journal


pretty scary stuff right?

stay away from artificial ingredients
plain and simple.  when reading the labels look for anything artificial:
artificial sweetners
artificial colors
artificial flavors
think of it this way, would you rather eat an artificial banana or a natural banana?
sounds silly, but if you think of it that way it's so true!  why would you want to put anything artificial into your body?

remember that your skin is the biggest organ on your body
anything that you put on your skin will absorb into your bloodstream within a matter of seconds.
my husband and i have started using coconut oil for just about everything.  i use it for shaving cream, moisturizer, sunscreen (see above) and even mouthwash.

drink water
drink, drink, drink!
the more water you drink, the more hydrated you'll be and it will help flush all of that crap out of your body!  it's important to drink at least half you body weight in ounces of water. 

start with these steps and living and eating natural will start to become easier.  it's become more of a way of life for us rather than just a habit.  since starting this lifestyle (which we try to maintain about 90% of the time) we feel so much better and we no longer crave the bad stuff.
if you have any questions about this just let me know :)
happy wednesday!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

do you want to tighten and tone and lose inches in just 45 minutes?

i knew i would get your attention with that :)
so i'm very excited and proud to announce that i am now an it works! global distributor.
this is something i have been praying about, and feel like God was pointing me in this direction.

i've become very passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and want to teach others about it as well.  it's so important to be aware of what you are putting in and on your body.
i heard about these products about a year ago, but never really did any research until recently.
this is an amazing company with even more amazing products.

the most famous is the ultimate body applicator (the body wrap)

in just 45 minutes of wearing the wrap you can tone, tighten, and lose inches!

check out my results:

i've done 2 wraps and the first picture was taken right before my first wrap, and the second was taken right after my 2nd wrap.

here is my front view:

look at the difference!
my skin is tighter and firmer and i've lost a total of 4 inches!!
and the best part of all of their products is they are all natural!
the wrap is all botanical based products.

and men can wrap too!
check out my husbands results:
he's also lost a total of about 4 inches!

 so if you're interested please contact me!  or you can visit my website 

bikini season is right around the corner ladies ;-)

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

outfit of the day // chambray & peach

not sure if you've heard but it's a nasty rainy day here in the south.  so no flip flops for this girl today.
time to break out the ol' cowgirl boots!
check out what i'm wearing today!
chambray shirt
**similar** old navy: $14.97

peach skinny jeans
j crew outlet: $34.00
**similar** charlotte russe: $29.99

peach bubble necklace

cowgirl boots
you can find them on their website here
you can also do a search and see where you can get the best deal.  i got mine at southern charm wear in cherokee, nc!

Friday, April 25, 2014

five on friday

y'all it's been a pretty good week.  the weather has finally decided to cooperate.  it's been beautiful this week, and the weekend is supposed to be even better.  i plan on doing nothing but lay out tomorrow with a very large pina colada in my hand.  

so since i've been absent from the blogworld these past few months, i haven't participated in a link up in quite sometime.  well today we're changing that.  i've decided to get back in the swing of things :)

i'm linking up with some lovely ladies today for five on friday.  

1. bacon ice cream

you heard me right y'all!  homemade bacon vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips.  sounds not so yummy, but wow it's the best thing i've ever tasted!  over the weekend we decided to try a new restaurant called fotify.  everything is farm to table so it's all fresh and homemade.  it was amazing! and the wine wasn't so bad either ;-)

2. new nail polish

i'm loving this new color from salon perfect called high five.  it's hard to notice, but the color is actually more of a green than a teal.  i love the salon perfect colors.  i think they are just as good as the higher end brands but for less money.  for my accent nail i used china glaze glistening snow.

3. snuggle time with my pup

isn't she just adorable?!?

4. glasses and curls

i decided yesterday i wanted a different look, so i rocked the curls, and the glasses. :)

5. blond locks!
i've been using this amazing stuff called sheer blond by john frieda.
LOVE it!! i've always cheated and used sun-in, but this gives me more of that white blond that i love.  and it's only about $7.00 at wal mart.

happy friday everyone :)

Thursday, April 24, 2014

what i'm wearing this spring!

it's finally warm enough to break out the spring wardrobe and that makes me one happy girl!

today i've paired some colorful purple skinny jeans with a baggy white tee and some leopard print flats.

my pick...
i'm loving these j crew toothpick skinny jeans.  they come is all kinds of different colors and they go with just about anything. 

where to find them

i'm currently obsessed with baggy t shirts right now.  you can find these anywhere.  i found mine at tj maxx.  it's from aerie and it's so comfy!

where to find it
tj maxx (similar)

who doesn't love a leopard print flat??
they are great when paired with a pair of skinnies and a cute top.

where to find them

and if you're looking for some cute accessories, try jane.com.

they always have some great deals on super cute jewelry and accessories.

happy thursday!

Monday, March 24, 2014

overdue super long vegas recap

yeah so i'm not doing so well on this whole "i promise to write more on my blog" thing.  life has gotten in the way of many things lately.  this girl has been a busy bee!

so we went to vegas a few weeks ago, and this time we did it right!  so brace yourselves, this is gonna be a good one :)

when we went to cancun back in october, we met our amazing friends andrew and tiffany who live in phoenix.  we clicked right away and have kept in touch ever since.  we've become quite close.  so we decided to invite them to vegas with us and do things a little differently this year.  instead of flying directly into vegas, we decided to fly into phoenix and then all 4 of us drive to vegas the next day.

my husband has never seen that part of the country before so we thought it would be neat to see the desert.  if you've never been to arizona before, you're not missing much.  it's pretty remote.  well the drive to vegas is pretty remote.

so anyway back to my recap.  we got to atlanta around 3pm friday evening to catch our 5:30 pm flight.  everything was fine and dandy, and we got through security in a breeze.  we got to our gate and had a few drinks before getting on the plane, and then all hell breaks lose.  guess what!  we don't have a seat on the plane.  us airways decided to overbook our flight by 60 people!  we were told just sit and wait for your name to be called and you might get on the plane.  well our name never got called and we didn't get to get on the plane.  so we watched out the window as our plane to phoenix left without us... with our bags.  ok so what the hell do we do now??

so i go up to the desk and politely ask the man what we should do.  well they were willing to buy us a hotel room for the night in atlanta, and give us $600, and get us on the first flight to phoenix the next morning.  um no!  that's a great offer and all, however, out bags are on their way to phoenix as we speak... and no i'm not sleeping in my work clothes.  sorry but that ain't gonna work.  so the nice man who you can tell was a little aggravated told me to sit patiently and wait for our name to be called.  so that's what we did... for an hour.  finally they call our name, and it was smooth sailing from there.  they were able to get us on the 8:30pm flight to phoenix and they gave us $1200 in free airfare!  blessing in disguise.

so after a rocky start to our trip, we made it phoenix at 10:15 arizona time.  and we were beyond exhausted!  so we got a quick bite to eat, and headed to andrew and tiffs house to crash for the night.  and that's exactly what we did.  crashed, hard.

we woke up the next morning super early, like 6am super early, because in our minds it was 9am.  we felt well rested and ready for our 4 hour drive to vegas. 

vegas bound!
excited was an understatement.  i was stoked and couldn't wait for vegas!  we made a quick stop at the hoover dam, took a few pics, and then we pull into sin city!

hello las vegas!!!  we pulled into our hotel around 2:30 pm.  time to party!  we headed to buffalo wild wings, had a bite to eat, watched duke beat the crap out of unc... wasn't too happy about that, and then decided to go watch the bellagio fountain show. 

my favorite thing to do in vegas!  it's absolutely beautiful!  so we made the long walk back to our hotel and got ready for the night.  we went out to a club and danced the night away.  sorry no pics of that night :-/ lame i know.

we woke up the next day with a slight hangover, but that didn't stop us from heading to the pool for some r & r.

we were so exhausted from the night before that we decided to head to bed early that night.  as in around 9:30pm.  see i told you, we did vegas right... ha

the next day the hubby and i headed over to the venetian for his work convention.  we spend most of the day on the show floor checking out all the latest appliances.  fun stuff...

we were done by around 4 and ready to have another fun night! 

we headed to the casino and had some drinks and played some slots.  definitely didn't win any money.  oh well.  we headed back to our hotel and decided to go ahead and have dinner, and another drink...

we headed back to the room after dinner to get ready for our night.  at this point i was kind of over the whole club scene so we thought it would be fun to check out senior frogs.  it was right in our hotel so it wasn't too far.  we had an absolute blast!  we danced and danced all night!  so much fun!
we went to bed as soon as the sun came up.  literally. 

the next day we slept in and headed down to the buffet.  a little sad because it was our last day in vegas :(

so since i've never been to california before, we decided to drive the 30 minute drive to the state line just so i could say i've been there.  they had an outlet mall right on the state line so we did a little shopping while we were there too.  :)

that night we went to a very nice dinner at lavo in the palazzo.

it was amazing!  after dinner we were stuffed so we thought we would work some of the food we just ate by walking up and down freemont street.

wow... freemont street is by far the craziest plave i've ever seen. 

we did a little people watching and decided we had had enough of that.  we cabbed it back to our hotel and then headed to another night club. 

wednesday was a sad day, it was time to say goodbye :(  i always hate goodbyes, and it's even harder to say goodbye to such good friends.  i never thought we would become so close to someone we had just met.

we're definitely looking forward to another trip to cancun in october and back to vegas next march!
so anyway i hope y'all have an amazing monday, and maybe i'll actually write another blog post tomorrow.  2 in one week?!?  whoa now :)


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