Monday, February 17, 2014

wine country

if you're from a small town like i am you probably feel the same way i do when it comes to finding stuff to do on a boring saturday.
we have a few options to choose from.  we could go out to eat at the local fast food joint, or go hang out at the only bar in town.
well those options get pretty old.

so today i want to share with you a hidden gem that we found in the mountains of north georgia.
a little place we like to call wine country. 

we stumbled upon this area a few months back, when my mom introduced it to us.  she had been down there and loved it!  so on saturday we decided to head down to dahlonega, ga and have ourselves a day of wine tasting.
dahlonega is about an hour away from franklin, and it's about an hour north of atlanta, but the drive is gorgeous!
if you live in this area and are looking for something to do on a saturday and you love wine, this is the perfect place to go!

there are a few different wineries to choose from but our favorite is wolf mountain vineyards. 

and this place is pretty cheap too!  this time of year is their slow season so they only offer one flight of tastings which consist of about 7 different wines.  it's only $10 a person and totally worth it.  it's a great atmosphere and a great place to meet people!  we stayed for a good 2 hours and had a blast!

it was definitely much needed day away with the hubby!  we loved it so much we're going back again this weekend :)


  1. That place looks gorgeous! What a fun way to spend the weekend!

  2. Love wine country! Looks like the perfect weekend getaway!!

  3. I LOVE your dress!! You look so good! I wanna goooo!

  4. Putting this on my list of places to visit!



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