Monday, March 24, 2014

overdue super long vegas recap

yeah so i'm not doing so well on this whole "i promise to write more on my blog" thing.  life has gotten in the way of many things lately.  this girl has been a busy bee!

so we went to vegas a few weeks ago, and this time we did it right!  so brace yourselves, this is gonna be a good one :)

when we went to cancun back in october, we met our amazing friends andrew and tiffany who live in phoenix.  we clicked right away and have kept in touch ever since.  we've become quite close.  so we decided to invite them to vegas with us and do things a little differently this year.  instead of flying directly into vegas, we decided to fly into phoenix and then all 4 of us drive to vegas the next day.

my husband has never seen that part of the country before so we thought it would be neat to see the desert.  if you've never been to arizona before, you're not missing much.  it's pretty remote.  well the drive to vegas is pretty remote.

so anyway back to my recap.  we got to atlanta around 3pm friday evening to catch our 5:30 pm flight.  everything was fine and dandy, and we got through security in a breeze.  we got to our gate and had a few drinks before getting on the plane, and then all hell breaks lose.  guess what!  we don't have a seat on the plane.  us airways decided to overbook our flight by 60 people!  we were told just sit and wait for your name to be called and you might get on the plane.  well our name never got called and we didn't get to get on the plane.  so we watched out the window as our plane to phoenix left without us... with our bags.  ok so what the hell do we do now??

so i go up to the desk and politely ask the man what we should do.  well they were willing to buy us a hotel room for the night in atlanta, and give us $600, and get us on the first flight to phoenix the next morning.  um no!  that's a great offer and all, however, out bags are on their way to phoenix as we speak... and no i'm not sleeping in my work clothes.  sorry but that ain't gonna work.  so the nice man who you can tell was a little aggravated told me to sit patiently and wait for our name to be called.  so that's what we did... for an hour.  finally they call our name, and it was smooth sailing from there.  they were able to get us on the 8:30pm flight to phoenix and they gave us $1200 in free airfare!  blessing in disguise.

so after a rocky start to our trip, we made it phoenix at 10:15 arizona time.  and we were beyond exhausted!  so we got a quick bite to eat, and headed to andrew and tiffs house to crash for the night.  and that's exactly what we did.  crashed, hard.

we woke up the next morning super early, like 6am super early, because in our minds it was 9am.  we felt well rested and ready for our 4 hour drive to vegas. 

vegas bound!
excited was an understatement.  i was stoked and couldn't wait for vegas!  we made a quick stop at the hoover dam, took a few pics, and then we pull into sin city!

hello las vegas!!!  we pulled into our hotel around 2:30 pm.  time to party!  we headed to buffalo wild wings, had a bite to eat, watched duke beat the crap out of unc... wasn't too happy about that, and then decided to go watch the bellagio fountain show. 

my favorite thing to do in vegas!  it's absolutely beautiful!  so we made the long walk back to our hotel and got ready for the night.  we went out to a club and danced the night away.  sorry no pics of that night :-/ lame i know.

we woke up the next day with a slight hangover, but that didn't stop us from heading to the pool for some r & r.

we were so exhausted from the night before that we decided to head to bed early that night.  as in around 9:30pm.  see i told you, we did vegas right... ha

the next day the hubby and i headed over to the venetian for his work convention.  we spend most of the day on the show floor checking out all the latest appliances.  fun stuff...

we were done by around 4 and ready to have another fun night! 

we headed to the casino and had some drinks and played some slots.  definitely didn't win any money.  oh well.  we headed back to our hotel and decided to go ahead and have dinner, and another drink...

we headed back to the room after dinner to get ready for our night.  at this point i was kind of over the whole club scene so we thought it would be fun to check out senior frogs.  it was right in our hotel so it wasn't too far.  we had an absolute blast!  we danced and danced all night!  so much fun!
we went to bed as soon as the sun came up.  literally. 

the next day we slept in and headed down to the buffet.  a little sad because it was our last day in vegas :(

so since i've never been to california before, we decided to drive the 30 minute drive to the state line just so i could say i've been there.  they had an outlet mall right on the state line so we did a little shopping while we were there too.  :)

that night we went to a very nice dinner at lavo in the palazzo.

it was amazing!  after dinner we were stuffed so we thought we would work some of the food we just ate by walking up and down freemont street.

wow... freemont street is by far the craziest plave i've ever seen. 

we did a little people watching and decided we had had enough of that.  we cabbed it back to our hotel and then headed to another night club. 

wednesday was a sad day, it was time to say goodbye :(  i always hate goodbyes, and it's even harder to say goodbye to such good friends.  i never thought we would become so close to someone we had just met.

we're definitely looking forward to another trip to cancun in october and back to vegas next march!
so anyway i hope y'all have an amazing monday, and maybe i'll actually write another blog post tomorrow.  2 in one week?!?  whoa now :)


  1. Fun, fun, FUN! Love the last picture!

  2. That looks like a blast! Never been to vegas, but totally want to go!

  3. What a great time! I'd love to visit Vegas again.



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