Tuesday, April 29, 2014

outfit of the day // chambray & peach

not sure if you've heard but it's a nasty rainy day here in the south.  so no flip flops for this girl today.
time to break out the ol' cowgirl boots!
check out what i'm wearing today!
chambray shirt
**similar** old navy: $14.97

peach skinny jeans
j crew outlet: $34.00
**similar** charlotte russe: $29.99

peach bubble necklace

cowgirl boots
you can find them on their website here
you can also do a search and see where you can get the best deal.  i got mine at southern charm wear in cherokee, nc!


  1. love the boots!! And those pants?? adorable!

  2. I follow Southern Charm Wear on IG! I want to go!!

  3. I love Cherokee! I don't have a real pair of cowboy boots but would love the addition!

  4. i am OBSESSED with chambray shirts with dresses lately ! cant stop wont stop



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