Thursday, April 24, 2014

what i'm wearing this spring!

it's finally warm enough to break out the spring wardrobe and that makes me one happy girl!

today i've paired some colorful purple skinny jeans with a baggy white tee and some leopard print flats.

my pick...
i'm loving these j crew toothpick skinny jeans.  they come is all kinds of different colors and they go with just about anything. 

where to find them

i'm currently obsessed with baggy t shirts right now.  you can find these anywhere.  i found mine at tj maxx.  it's from aerie and it's so comfy!

where to find it
tj maxx (similar)

who doesn't love a leopard print flat??
they are great when paired with a pair of skinnies and a cute top.

where to find them

and if you're looking for some cute accessories, try

they always have some great deals on super cute jewelry and accessories.

happy thursday!

1 comment:

  1. Best part about the change in seasons is the whole new wardrobe! Shopping free justified. Esecially after the dull winters when you are always so packed up.



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