Tuesday, May 6, 2014

do you want to tighten and tone and lose inches in just 45 minutes?

i knew i would get your attention with that :)
so i'm very excited and proud to announce that i am now an it works! global distributor.
this is something i have been praying about, and feel like God was pointing me in this direction.

i've become very passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and want to teach others about it as well.  it's so important to be aware of what you are putting in and on your body.
i heard about these products about a year ago, but never really did any research until recently.
this is an amazing company with even more amazing products.

the most famous is the ultimate body applicator (the body wrap)

in just 45 minutes of wearing the wrap you can tone, tighten, and lose inches!

check out my results:

i've done 2 wraps and the first picture was taken right before my first wrap, and the second was taken right after my 2nd wrap.

here is my front view:

look at the difference!
my skin is tighter and firmer and i've lost a total of 4 inches!!
and the best part of all of their products is they are all natural!
the wrap is all botanical based products.

and men can wrap too!
check out my husbands results:
he's also lost a total of about 4 inches!

 so if you're interested please contact me!  or you can visit my website 

bikini season is right around the corner ladies ;-)


  1. I've seen these everywhere right now! I've always been iffy about stuff like that, but i can def see the difference on you! how long does it really stay off though?

  2. I've seen these everywhere, too! And they really have me intrigued. I'd love to see what it could do on my butt, ha!

  3. I've been curious about these, thanks for sharing your pics!



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