Wednesday, May 7, 2014

go natural

my husband and i have been trying this whole go natural thing and i'm loving it!
i have more energy, i'm sleeping better, and my face has never been clearer!

going natural isn't easy though, and unfortunately it's a bit pricier than the alternative.  but there are baby steps you can take to help jumpstart your natural way of living.
i've listed a few of them below

throw out all of your sunscreen
yes you heard me right.  throw it away!
i recently heard through the grapevine that sunscreen is not good for you.  so of course i had to do some research, and what i found out was shocking!
according to the environmental working group, 75% of commercial sunscreens contain toxic chemicals that are linked to cancer and hormonal imbalances.
use coconut oil instead!
our bodies need sun, and the sun is the optimal way to absorb vitamin d.  most commercial sunscreens block the uvb rays that are necessary for our bodies to produce their own cancer protective vitamin d.
coconut oil has a natural spf of 4-10 depending on which type you get.
you can also make you own sunscreen by using different oils with spf in them as well.
below is a list of foods and oils with spf.

and did you know that the reason you burn is because your body is more than likely lacking some type of nutrient?  it's true!  i can go on and on about this, but i'm pretty sure you get the point.
there are so many foods that you can eat that will help prevent sunburn and help our bodies absorb the correct amount of essential vitamin d.

read your labels
just because something says all natural doesn't mean it is.

some companies label their products all natural which is in fact not true.  the FDA has not yet developed a legal definition for “natural” as it appears on food labels, which leaves companies and marketers to make up their own definitions.
check this out from the wall street journal

pretty scary stuff right?

stay away from artificial ingredients
plain and simple.  when reading the labels look for anything artificial:
artificial sweetners
artificial colors
artificial flavors
think of it this way, would you rather eat an artificial banana or a natural banana?
sounds silly, but if you think of it that way it's so true!  why would you want to put anything artificial into your body?

remember that your skin is the biggest organ on your body
anything that you put on your skin will absorb into your bloodstream within a matter of seconds.
my husband and i have started using coconut oil for just about everything.  i use it for shaving cream, moisturizer, sunscreen (see above) and even mouthwash.

drink water
drink, drink, drink!
the more water you drink, the more hydrated you'll be and it will help flush all of that crap out of your body!  it's important to drink at least half you body weight in ounces of water. 

start with these steps and living and eating natural will start to become easier.  it's become more of a way of life for us rather than just a habit.  since starting this lifestyle (which we try to maintain about 90% of the time) we feel so much better and we no longer crave the bad stuff.
if you have any questions about this just let me know :)
happy wednesday!


  1. I was so proud of myself for drinking 5 big glasses of water during work! Dang, now I've got to drink three more, ha! I didn't know that about the sunscreen! Crazy!

  2. I would add that you should steer clear of anything low or no fat. They often have additives to replace the flavor lost by removing the fat, which end up bring chemicals or more sugar which turns into fat. Ew! In addition, getting the proper amount of good fats helps your body on SO many levels, including hormone function! So...butter instead of margarine or butter flavored spreads, coconut or olive oil instead of vegetable or canola, etc.

    Also, Katie from Wellness Mama has a great article on sunscreen alternatives that you might like!

  3. Wow, I never knew that about sunscreen. That is crazy! Doing research now.

  4. Excellent post you have published . Like the post and keep continue sharing .



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