Friday, June 20, 2014

my thoughts on modesty

i don't know about you, but since warm weather has decided to show up, i keep seeing more and more posts on social media about modesty...

you know what i'm talking about.  the posts that ramble about women respecting their bodies, and how we as women should be wearing one piece bathing suits instead of cute skimpy bikinis, or my personal favorite, which is one i read recently, is about a wife who wants women to stop wearing clothing and bikinis that show cleavage or perfect cellulite free legs because she's afraid her husband will want to look...  and they all end by saying, i'm not judging anybody, and it's clearly not your fault, i just think you should stop wearing clothes and bathing suits that show anything at all.  but seriously, i'm not judging you!  um yeah i think you just did!

i'm all for women respecting their bodies, your body is a temple, and was created in the amazing image of God, but it's not my job to tell other women how to dress.  it's your job to decide what you wear and what you shouldn't wear.  there is a time and a place for certain attire.  i'm not going to wear a short dress with my cleavage showing to my office.  it's disrespectful to the people around me and to our customers.  it's unprofessional, however, if my husband and i are going out on the town for the night, you better believe i'm going to wear something i feel sexy and confident in, and if that means showing off a little cleavage and wearing a skirt that comes above my knees, so be it!  my body my rules!

i talked to my husband regarding this issue, and his response was that he enjoyed seeing me wear things like that when we go out.  truth is i enjoy wearing things like that.  i feel confident and sexy!  i don't think i should feel ashamed of that at all.  there's nothing wrong with a woman feeling sexy for her husband.  it keeps things interesting ;-)

now if you're worried about your husband getting certain thoughts in his head because a woman is wearing a skirt that comes above her knees, or a shirt that shows a little cleavage, i think you need to gain a little more confidence in yourself.  newsflash, men are going to look, hell even women are going to look.  we're human!  it's what we do.  i know my husband looks at other women, does that mean i have to nag him and tell him to stop, no!  i understand he's human and he's not perfect.  i also trust my husband!  and i know that he would never break that trust.

i believe that if you have confidence in your marriage and in yourself, seeing a woman wearing something a little revealing shouldn't bother you.  i see women like that and applaud them.  their confident and that's awesome!  i also believe that some women can go a little overboard.  there is such a thing as showing too much, and i'm sure you know what i'm talking about.  but again, it's not my place to judge them.  and it's certainly not my place to tell them to cover up because i'm afraid my husband will look...

i guess what i'm trying to say is use good judgement.  as adults we should know what's appropriate and what's not.  respect yourself, and your body, but most importantly be confident in yourself and your marriage!  and if you want to show off a little leg, go for it!  you're a woman and you can do what you want! 


  1. I like this perspective too! I think it's up to you to decide what feels sexy on your body.

  2. I'm slow clapping this post right now. You go girl!

  3. Love this!! My thoughts exactly!

  4. Oh my goodness! YES! Thank YOU! I was going to write something similar on my blog but I didn't want to offend. In fact it is in my drafts, ready to go. I am so happy someone understands. The word alone makes me sort of cringe because of all the things that are associated with it...Idk!

    Excellent post!

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