Thursday, June 12, 2014

switching gears

2 months ago i never would have dreamed of posting a photo of myself without make up.  but i'm proud to say that i am now acne free!  i've gone from hating the way i look to embracing my inner beauty and loving every second of it...

so what am i doing different you ask?

well for starters i've changed the way i live.  which brings me to my next announcement.  i'm switching gears on you guys :)

i've struggled for a few months now trying to figure out what direction i wanted my blog to go in.  i was having trouble trying to come up with things to write about.  i would get an idea, and then realize i've written about it before.  i even thought about deleting my blog.  but i decided to keep it going and just go in a different direction.

i've come to realize that my calling is helping people better themselves.  whether it be helping them lose a few inches by putting a wrap on them, educating them about the food their eating, or lifting their spirits with a simple encouraging bible verse.  a dear friend of mine moved up here in january and was having a hard time dealing with her recent separation.  she needed some guidance, a good friend, and some encouragement.  that's where i came in.  a year ago i didn't even know this girl, and now i consider her to be one of my best friends.  we've cried together, laughed together and we've been each others shoulder to cry on.  i realized that all she needed was someone not to give up on her.  she's come a long way since january!  she's happy, and getting healthier by the second.  she is a big reason why i've decided to focus on this type of living.

so i want to help my readers feel better about themselves, teach them how to live a healthier lifestyle, and to let them know that they are all strong beautiful women!

2 months ago you never would have seen me post a picture like the one above, but i've changed my eating habits, chosen natural products instead of artificial ones, and focused more on my happiness and well being.  all of those have led to my acne free skin!  which is another reason why i'm so excited to share this journey with you guys :)

so stay tuned to my ol' blog, because it's about to get exciting!!


  1. This is fantastic!! We talked about this the other night, the satisfaction in helping others better themselves is so rewarding. Thanks for the encouraging words sweet lady. Keep up the good work, can't wait to read your "new" blog!

  2. There will always be something to talk about. TRUST ME!!! With how crazy life can be a everyday task can turn into someones inspiration!!! Keep on doing what your doing and we will keep on reading!!!

  3. This is an admirable post you have published with us . Keep up it .

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