Thursday, November 6, 2014

life changes

wow has it really been almost 5 months since i've written on my blog?
i'm ashamed :(

there have been a ton of changes lately.  i've changed jobs, not only to a different business but also to a different town.  i started working for the local newspaper in the next town over. it's been a crazy, stressful, and hectic change, which is why at the end of this month i have decided to move on to something different. i don't know where God will decide to take me next, but i'm willing to go wherever he might lead me.

i'm hoping to start writing again.  i've missed the blogging world and all of the amazing women i met through my blogging journey.  i hope all of my followers are doing great, and i look forward to catching up with everyone.


  1. aw gosh big changes!! Good luck, girl! I'll pray for you! :) We still need to meet up!!

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