Saturday, June 13, 2015

life lately

remember when i said i was going to start blogging again? yeah that didn't happen. i know it's been about 6 months since i've updated the blog, but life has been beyond crazy. i started working at an ear nose and throat doctor, and let me just tell you... i will never ever speak rudely to a receptionist EVER again! it's touch work. so not only do i work the front desk full time, but i also help my husband at his store every other saturday and help my mom on friday afternoons. crazy is an understatement.

i've determined that i should just quit and be a stay at home dog mom. 
sounds great right? yeah i'm sure the hubs would go for that...

so anyway yes life has been insane.
not too much to update you on. we're still married, live in the same house, and have the same two pups. they keep us on our toes :)

the hubs did take me to a new kids on the block concert recently. i can honestly say i can die happy now. especially the moment when joey mcintyre took his shirt off. at 42 he's looking pretty damn good! they all are actually, and if you ever get the change to go see them. do it! they put on a great show!

i feel by not blogging as often as i used to, i miss out on gossiping about whats going on in the world. i missed out on the bachelor craziness, whitney was definitely my fave (sad they're over so soon). bruce jenner is a woman now (shocker).

so see i really need to start blogging again.
let's see if i can keep this up :)

but until then my blog friends, stay healthy and happy.



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