Friday, May 20, 2016

FedEx Small Business Grant

what most of you don't know is that i work for a small local company called luxury therapeutics which is known for making hot/ cold therapy products for spas. the company is owned by my mother and my grandmother.  they started the business in 2011, and started out by selling locally to small boutiques in the area.  over the past 5 years they have grown their business and now ship to spas and gift shops all over the country!  i started working part time for them last year, and i feel so blessed to be a part of their journey.

recently luxury therapeutics was entered in the fedex small business grant contest.  fedex is giving away $25,000 to the winner of the contest.

luxury therapeutics is 100% bootstrapped.  we know where every dime goes, and what it will take to play the game.  our steps have to be small, but determined.  winning the fedex small business grant would allow us to take those small steps and turn them into leaps and bounds in order to grow our business.

please share our story and if you would like to vote for us click on the link below.  we really appreciate everyone's support!

Friday, April 22, 2016

5 on friday

well we made it to friday.  thank goodness!
so excited to be linking up with a. liz adventures for five on friday today.

1. baby fever
can we talk about the fact that my baby fever has been in full force this week.  it could be because i'm 30 and it's perfectly normal, but i would like to blame it on the fact that i have seen not 1 but 5 pregnancy announcements on facebook this week.  oh and let's not forget that i know 3 people who have given birth this week as well.  i think we're in the middle of another baby boom people.  when will it be my turn???

2. the loss of a legend
rip prince :(

3. houston floods
this one hit home for me this week.  my dad and his family live in north houston which was hit the worst this week.  they are perfectly fine, and thankfully their neighborhood wasn't affected.  please continue to keep the people of houston in your thoughts and prayers.

my new obsession.  if you haven't heard of this website please go check it out!  i purchased a pair of 7 for all mankind and a pair of joes jeans for $30 each!  
the website is basically an online thrift store with an amazing variety of designer clothes.  the joes jeans that i purchased still had the tags on them ;)

5. no more victoria's secret swim suits :(
yup you heard me right.  if you didn't read the e online article you can read it here.
victoria's secret swim suit line will phase out by the end of this year.  i don't know about you but i may boycott them.  their bathing suits are the only ones that i wear.  shame on you victoria's secret! 

it's been an interesting week, let's make it an even more interesting weekend ;)

Monday, March 7, 2016

hello monday...

does anybody else feel like someone pressed the fast forward button on the weekend?  whoever it is needs to be stopped.  they do say though that the older you get, the faster time goes by.  i feel like the minute i turned 30 time started going faster and faster.  wasn't christmas just yesterday? time please slow down!
in other news, my hairdresser found my first gray hair this weekend.  i've been dreading this day for years.  honestly though, i really couldn't tell you what my natural hair color is.  i've been blonde for as long as i can remember.  i refuse to go natural.  who knows, i probably have a head full of gray hair.  i still want to believe that it was a super blonde piece that she found.  i just cannot accept the fact that i am at the age where this starts happening.
can we also discuss the fact that instead of placing my coffee cup on my keurig this morning, i put it under the water dispenser on my fridge?  you know it's going to be a good day when you pull a stunt like that.  exhaustion was kicking in big time this morning.  oh and i also forgot my laptop and everything else i needed for work.  definitely a monday for the books! 
other than that it's been an ok day.
now let's see what happens on the bachelor tonight.  women tell all is my favorite episode of the season!  gotta love the drama ;)

happy monday loves.

Friday, March 4, 2016

5 on friday: bachelor discussion and snow in the south


for real though! i'm so glad it's finally friday!

i'm linking up today with a. liz adventures for five on friday.  it's been forever and a day since i have done a link-up.  i've been out of the game for quite sometime.  life happened...

so let's get started.  what's on my mind this friday?

let's talk about the bachelor this week.  ben keeps surprising me with his choices here lately.  i was first shocked he sent becca home, and then he sends poor amanda home after she let him meet her kids.  that would be a huge no-no in my book.  oh ben!  now let's talk about caila.  poor girl thinks she is sneaking off to give him a sweet surprise only to realize she's getting dumped.  i mean, i guess i can give him credit for his honesty, but i can't help but feel sorry for these girls.  monday is one of my favorite bachelor episodes of the season.  women tell all!  
i can't wait to see what the girls have to say to mr. higgins ;)

i'm sure it's been a while since most of my followers have even visited my blog, so some of you may have noticed, but for those of you that are new here, i have recently updated my blog design!  the wonderful vanessa at v&co did an amazing job!  i'm loving the colors!  after 2 years of the same layout, it was time for something different.

my sister is the luckiest person on the planet.  no really she is.  she was in vegas this week (first reason to be jealous of her) and got to watch the open workouts for conor mcgregor and holly holm at the mgm grand.  she kept me updated with multiple picture and snapchat updates.

mountain weather is beyond crazy right now.  mother nature cannot make up her mind.  monday it was near 70 and i was in a t-shirt.  yesterday the weather was calling for 42 degrees and cloudy.  we got snow...  and i'm not talking about flurries.  i'm talking about full on huge flakes snow!  it only accumulated to about an inch, but here in the south it was enough to let school out early.
as you can see from the picture below.  the weather channel was way off!

i quit my full time job, and i'm now working part time for my husband, and a few days a week with my mom as well, so i'm able to bring my sweet babies to work with me now which is such a blessing.  we have two little fur-babies named zoe and tucker.  zoe is a morkie and tucker is a golden retriever.  they are both spoiled rotten.  this is the majority of what they do during the day...

and that wraps up my 5 on friday.  i hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


it's currently 12:57 am and i'm sitting on my couch with a cup of lavender tea watching hgtv.  this has become a nightly event for me.  this insomnia is getting old... quick!

so what do i decide to do?  actually publish a blog post.  

as i sit here watching house hunters and adding multiple ideas to my house wish list, i can't help but notice the sound of rain outside my living room window.  it's so peaceful and helps to calm my mind.  i've been struggling lately with severe anxiety, and honestly i have no idea where it's coming from.  i constantly think to myself "jennifer, you have no reason to be anxious" but no matter  how many times i remind myself of that, my anxiety still haunts me.  

for those of you who don't struggle with anxiety, it may be difficult for you to understand why some people have such a hard time with it.  the only explanation i can give you is it feels like i'm trapped.  when i'm having an episode my mind races, my heart starts pounding, and it's hard to take a deep breath.  basically the scariest feeling in the world.  i don't tell many people about this. for the fear of being judged, but my husband is aware of it, and i must say he is very understanding.  i toss and turn for hours at night, and i'm surprised he stays asleep.  i will admit that there are some nights i get so aggravated that i purposely wake him up.  hey if i can't sleep, i don't want anyone else to either.  perfectly acceptable right?

but really though he is so supportive of me ;)

my main anxiety trigger is death.  so silly i know, but it's such a strong fear of mine.  and not just me dying, but losing people who are close to me.  it's something i think about almost daily. 

i was on Facebook this evening and read about a sorority sister of mine who passed away last night.  i wasn't close to her, but i had met her a couple of times.  she was a few years older than me and had already graduated when i started college.  she was a wife and mother of 2.  she had complications during a difficult surgery and didn't make it.  hearing about stuff like this scares me!  she was only a few years older than me.  that's way too young to be taken from this world.  she had her whole life ahead of her.  and the thought the kept going thru my mind was that she probably went into that surgery thinking everything was going to be ok.  that she was going to come out of it, go thru recovery, and then go on and live her life.  unfortunately that didn't happen.

life is so short.  so the fact that i spend some of those days living in fear angers me!  why can't i just let go and just live my life?  i will admit that most days i'm fine.  i will go weeks not having any trouble sleeping, and then all of a sudden i hear tragic stories such as the one i mentioned above, and those fears start creeping back into my life.  and it's the same routine all over again.  head to bed around 11 and start thinking about every little detail of my life.  i end up lying in bed staring at the ceiling for hours, and finally get up and turn on my usual hgtv (i'm becoming their biggest supporter here lately)

so that's what led me right here on my couch at 1am rambling to my lovely followers.

so with that being said, please do me a favor.  pray for the family of my sorority sister whom i mentioned above.  pray for peace and understanding.  also say a little prayer for me.  pray that i can find relief.  pray for my anxiety to ease, and for some much needed sleep.  and last but not least, pray for my husband.  i'm probably going to wake him up when i go to bed here in a little bit.  he may not be happy lol!

goodnight loves...


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