Friday, March 4, 2016

5 on friday: bachelor discussion and snow in the south


for real though! i'm so glad it's finally friday!

i'm linking up today with a. liz adventures for five on friday.  it's been forever and a day since i have done a link-up.  i've been out of the game for quite sometime.  life happened...

so let's get started.  what's on my mind this friday?

let's talk about the bachelor this week.  ben keeps surprising me with his choices here lately.  i was first shocked he sent becca home, and then he sends poor amanda home after she let him meet her kids.  that would be a huge no-no in my book.  oh ben!  now let's talk about caila.  poor girl thinks she is sneaking off to give him a sweet surprise only to realize she's getting dumped.  i mean, i guess i can give him credit for his honesty, but i can't help but feel sorry for these girls.  monday is one of my favorite bachelor episodes of the season.  women tell all!  
i can't wait to see what the girls have to say to mr. higgins ;)

i'm sure it's been a while since most of my followers have even visited my blog, so some of you may have noticed, but for those of you that are new here, i have recently updated my blog design!  the wonderful vanessa at v&co did an amazing job!  i'm loving the colors!  after 2 years of the same layout, it was time for something different.

my sister is the luckiest person on the planet.  no really she is.  she was in vegas this week (first reason to be jealous of her) and got to watch the open workouts for conor mcgregor and holly holm at the mgm grand.  she kept me updated with multiple picture and snapchat updates.

mountain weather is beyond crazy right now.  mother nature cannot make up her mind.  monday it was near 70 and i was in a t-shirt.  yesterday the weather was calling for 42 degrees and cloudy.  we got snow...  and i'm not talking about flurries.  i'm talking about full on huge flakes snow!  it only accumulated to about an inch, but here in the south it was enough to let school out early.
as you can see from the picture below.  the weather channel was way off!

i quit my full time job, and i'm now working part time for my husband, and a few days a week with my mom as well, so i'm able to bring my sweet babies to work with me now which is such a blessing.  we have two little fur-babies named zoe and tucker.  zoe is a morkie and tucker is a golden retriever.  they are both spoiled rotten.  this is the majority of what they do during the day...

and that wraps up my 5 on friday.  i hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


  1. Oh my goodness your pups are adorable! :) That's so awesome that you can bring them to work with you now. I feel terrible leaving mine all day even though they just sleep. That's awesome that your sis got to see the open workouts for McGregor and Holm. We are watching the fights now! :)

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