Friday, April 22, 2016

5 on friday

well we made it to friday.  thank goodness!
so excited to be linking up with a. liz adventures for five on friday today.

1. baby fever
can we talk about the fact that my baby fever has been in full force this week.  it could be because i'm 30 and it's perfectly normal, but i would like to blame it on the fact that i have seen not 1 but 5 pregnancy announcements on facebook this week.  oh and let's not forget that i know 3 people who have given birth this week as well.  i think we're in the middle of another baby boom people.  when will it be my turn???

2. the loss of a legend
rip prince :(

3. houston floods
this one hit home for me this week.  my dad and his family live in north houston which was hit the worst this week.  they are perfectly fine, and thankfully their neighborhood wasn't affected.  please continue to keep the people of houston in your thoughts and prayers.

my new obsession.  if you haven't heard of this website please go check it out!  i purchased a pair of 7 for all mankind and a pair of joes jeans for $30 each!  
the website is basically an online thrift store with an amazing variety of designer clothes.  the joes jeans that i purchased still had the tags on them ;)

5. no more victoria's secret swim suits :(
yup you heard me right.  if you didn't read the e online article you can read it here.
victoria's secret swim suit line will phase out by the end of this year.  i don't know about you but i may boycott them.  their bathing suits are the only ones that i wear.  shame on you victoria's secret! 

it's been an interesting week, let's make it an even more interesting weekend ;)


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